Hygienx performs air sampling, tape lifts, and bulk sampling to test for mould depending on the client’s needs. While all methods of testing mould will ultimately result in spores being directly analyzed under a microscope, the collection of these spores varies depending on environmental conditions, location of mould growth, and the level of detail needed in the final report.

Air Sampling:

Air sampling is used to determine airborne spore counts. Since individual spores are microscopic, air sampling is the only way of scientifically quantifying the number of spores present in the air. This can be very helpful if the client suspects mould growth in their Building or business, but no visible source is known.
Air sampling is also a very useful testing procedure to ensure that mould mitigation projects have been performed successfully. By taking pre and post samples and comparing them to a clean baseline (typically outdoor air from the same address), we can ensure that indoor spore counts have been returned to acceptable levels and that all toxigenic moulds have been removed.
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Tape Lifts:

Tape lifts are used for direct analysis of a suspect area. Tape lifts can be used to test for settled spores on surfaces in the Building, as well as identification of visible suspect growth.
Testing for settled spores on surfaces can be useful if the Building or business has been vacant for a long period of time without sufficient air movement to keep spores airborne.
Tape lifts can also be useful when an area of staining or discoloration is present and further confirmation is needed to determine if it is mould growth. This is very common when Building inspectors call out ‘suspect microbial growth’ on their inspection report and further investigation is needed to determine an appropriate course of action.

Bulk Sampling:

Bulk sampling refers to the collection of an affected material and analyzing it directly. This can be useful if dealing with a material that is difficult to get an accurate tape lift from.
Bulk sampling is helpful for analyzing contaminated insulation, loose debris, and other materials lacking in a clear surface from which to collect a tape lift.
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